Adoption Services

Adoption Services

Message from the Director of Adoption Services

"Being a good mother is one of the toughest jobs in the world and it’s almost impossible when you are pregnant, homeless, and without family. That is why our program was created, to help courageous mothers secure a brighter more stable future for themselves and their babies and to know all the options available to them in order to CREATE NEW BEGINNINGS.

Our counselors are available to help you create a plan for your future by listening and supporting you in your decisions. Whether you decide to place your child for adoption or raise them yourself, Genesis provides emotional support, practical assistance and future planning programs, before and after delivery, to each woman who asks for help."

Thinking about Adoption?

Genesis of Pittsburgh has been providing domestic, infant adoption services in the State of Pennsylvania since 1991.We are a licensed Adoption and Foster Care agency. Our agency works with courageous birthmothers who are making an adoption plan for their child and loving couples who want to become parents through adoption. All of our counselors are experienced adoption professionals with Master Degrees in Counseling or Social Work.

Additional services we offer are support groups for birthparents and adoptive families, educational classes, post adoption counseling, and periodic orientation meetings for people who are interested in building a family through adoption.

Whether you have an open adoption, semi –open or confidential adoption, our program is there to support you as you navigate the steps to a successful adoption.

Birth Mothers

We have helped many women who have been in similar circumstances and have supported them no matter what their decision—to place their child for adoption or to raise their child themselves.

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Adoptive Parents

Genesis of Pittsburgh provides support for families who are interested in adoption, but have questions they would like to discuss.

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