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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Genesis if you are interested in Adopting?

We work with a small number of potential adoptive families so we have the opportunity to get to know each and everyone of our families on a personal level. This allows us to offer you a personalized experience to completing your forever family. Also many of the staff and volunteers have been through the adoption process so we are able to provide ongoing support, for the birth parents and adoptive parents.

How Well Does Genesis Get to Know Birthparents?

Birthmothers come to Genesis at various stages in their pregnancy. Sometimes a young woman will reside at Genesis House from the earliest months of her pregnancy and stay until shortly after delivery. Other young women never reside at Genesis House but will take advantage of counseling and other services. Sometimes a young woman comes to Genesis just before or after the baby is born.

No matter what her situation, it is important that she along with her Genesis counselor make a plan that works best for her;  sometimes that includes an adoption plan and sometimes it does not. If it’s not the right decision for the birthmother, it won’t be the right decision for anyone involved.

Are the Birthmothers Counseled?

Counseling is the single most important aspect of Genesis. If an adoption plan is made, the young woman may experience deep feelings of loss and go through a mourning period. Without counseling, she is simply left alone to deal with overwhelming emotions; emotions that she may not be equipped to handle. If she chooses to parent, counseling is needed to support her and the baby. Physical support is also available to her i.e., clothing, baby food, furniture etc.

Are All Genesis Adoptions Open?

The primary concern of Genesis is the birthmother. It is important that she makes the decision that is right for her. If the birthmother’s needs are met, the baby’s needs will be met.

A counselor will work with each birthmother and put together an adoption plan created specifically for her. She may want to meet the potential adoptive parents or want periodic photos and updates about the baby. Some birthmothers will want a completely anonymous adoption and will want no contact with the adoptive parents or the baby. Potential adoptive parents are consulted to determine which scenarios will work for them as well.

How Long is the Wait?

There is no way of knowing how many pregnant women, from year to year, will be in need of Genesis’ services and will choose an adoption plan for their baby. The goal when placing children in an adoptive home is to make the very best possible family match. Sometimes that happens quickly, and sometimes it takes several years. So unfortunately, it is not possible to give an accurate time estimate.

Does Genesis Prepare Home Studies?

All adoptions require a home study of the adoptive parents to determine whether they would be appropriate parents based upon Genesis’ evaluation of them and their background. The home study traditionally revolves around a series of meetings between the applicants and a Genesis adoption worker. A home visit is also required to see the potential environment for a child. Genesis prepares home studies for domestic adoptions whether they are adopting through Genesis or another source.

When is the Baby Placed in the Adoptive Home?

In most cases the baby is brought right from the hospital to the adoptive home. However, if a birth-mother needs more time to solidify her decision, the baby may be placed in foster care for a short time.

In any event, the day the child is placed in the home is an exciting and emotional day for the entire family.

Do Birthparents Ever Change Their Minds After the Baby has Been Placed?

It is rare, but it does happen. The birthparents are within the law to change their minds within 30 days of signing.

When Does the Adoption Become Final?

The adoption usually becomes final 8-12 months after placement. Occasionally extenuating circumstances can prolong the process. During this time support and assistance will be provided by a Genesis intermediary.

The attorney who has prepared the Petition for Adoption will be notified of the date set by the court for the adoption finalization. Both the family and the child must be present at the adoption hearing. In addition, the Genesis intermediary will be present to verify the adoption recommendation submitted to the court. On this day, the child will officially assume the adopted family’s name and will forever be a legally recognized member of the family.

How Much Will This Cost?

Adoptive families are responsible for the medical expenses that benefit the child, legal fees related to the adoption and Genesis’ fee. Medical expenses vary, but an approximation will be provided prior to placement. Many times medical insurance will cover the child’s expenses and most birthmothers either have private medical insurance or are on medical assistance. In the rare case that the birthmother’s medical expenses are not covered, the adoptive parents are expected to assume financial responsibility.

Genesis’ fee is $15,500. Genesis is able to keep adoption costs at a minimum due to the fundraising efforts of our volunteers. Without the efforts of dedicated volunteers, Genesis adoption fees would be much higher. Legal costs can vary from case to case; with Genesis, legal fees are approximately $3,500 plus court costs.

Would my family qualify for the adoption tax credit?

Most families with a gross income under $222,520.00 qualify for the adoption tax credit. The tax credit is currently $13,170. So be sure to save and document every receipt related to your adoption expenses. This includes any travel and postage expenses. The link below is directly from the Internal Revenue Service and explains the tax credit in more detail.

Home Studies

A home study is a comprehensive written report of your family prepared by a counselor, and In Pennsylvania, all adoptive families are legally required to obtain an approved home study. The process involves meetings with members of your household and, a home visit. During the home study process, your motivation for adoption is discussed and education on adoption and raising adopted children is provided. Our families find this to be a helpful time of preparing for their adoption.

Genesis of Pittsburgh offers home study services to families residing within a fifty mile radius of Pittsburgh. In most adoptions completed through Genesis, the prospective adoptive parents and the birthmother are connected through the services of our agency. In some cases, however, the prospective adoptive parents and the birthmother locate one another through other sources such as family or friend connections, and they are seeking an agency or attorney to help them complete the adoption. This is referred to as a designated adoption.

We provide domestic home study services and can work with your placing agency to ensure that the home study meets the requirements of the agency and state from which you will be adopting. Our services in designated adoptions are tailored to the needs of each individual situation.

Genesis of Pittsburgh has over twenty years of experience in providing home study services, and our experienced counselors will guide you through each step along the way. Our fee for an independent home study is $1250. Updated home studies are $500 if originally done by Genesis. Our counselors also do supervisory post-placement visits if required for $150 each.